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The word “Hustle” can be found throughout many success stories in Fashion, Music and Entertainment. The Creator of Hustle Simmons Design LLC, has been making his way to super stardom since his first job as a newspaper delivery boy at the early age of 12. After toting those heavy newspaper bags on his bicycle route, only one thing was on then 12-year-old Travis Williamson’s mind, “How can I become the individual that owns the entire Newspaper company?”This was the first step to Mr. Williamson having the entrepreneur mind set. 


Mr Williamson became a proven dominant force in the fashion world and in his community, through costume designs for stage plays, fashion shows, and local clients. However, the first major business endeavorwas in 1991 after Mr. Williamson tailored, designed and began selling his own original clothing line called “RITHEM fashion” to community college students as an expression of ambition and creativity.


Rithem is an acronym meaning Reflecting Image That Holds Extensive, Manifestation. Rithem, the brand and the man wanted to be set apart like the trending hot entertainment artists in music and dance. Rithem was making clothing for local patrons and doing fashion shows abroad, to promote his talent and eye for fashion. While perfecting his craft and diversifying is interests throughout entertainment, broadcasting, and personal protection and defense, Rithem reignited his passion for fashion with this new brand. Birthed from Rithem’s uncanny ability over the last three decades to reinvent himself and create consistent income through his interests and talents, came Hustle Simmons.“They call me “Hustle Simmons, because I’m always finding new ways to make money through my talents.”  It was a joke that fanned the flame of creation for the Hustle Simmons Brand. 

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